Text stuck in jpeg box

I have dragged into my book some jpegs and then entered text after. Now that the book is complete, the text won’t compile correctly since the text is trapped in the jpeg file box. How can I get the text out and into its own space on the document?

I think it would be best if you posted a screen-shot to show what you mean by “the text is trapped in the jpeg file box”. It certainly isn’t clear to me.


Mr X

Here are two screen shots. One shows the text in boxes and the other shows what happens to the text when wrapped and also when compiled.

Thanks for the screen shots. I’m afraid I’m going to have to leave it to one of the gurus to sort you out. I thought at first that the problem was that you had “Preserve formatting” turned on, but on checking I see that that’s not how such paragraphs are marked on the Mac.

I’ve not had to import graphic files, and have never seen a box outlined in blue like that, so I’m rather handicapped as to guessing what’s happened. But I wish you good luck in sorting it out and that someone will help you shortly.

Mr X

You’re typing in a table, presumably an invisible one copied in with your image or created inadvertently when you were making the earlier tables in the document. The blue borders show when you have “Show Invisibles” toggled on. Right-click anywhere in the boxes and choose “Remove Table” to get rid of that.

The text wrapping is because you have a right-indent set at 7 inches. When compiled, indents will be based off the compiled margin settings (determined in the Page Settings section in the Compile window); in the editor, the left edge of the ruler represents the inside edge of your left margin. So if you have set the margin to 1.25in on the left, then a 7in right indent puts the right edge of the text at 8.25in. If you have a 1.25in margin on the right side and are working with an 8.5x11 paper size, then your text is running into the margin area.

Right-indents are mainly for special formatting like block quotations and script formatting, so they’re best used sparingly and handled directly in the editor applied to the specific text. Normally you’ll want the text to wrap at the right-margin, so just drag the indent marker all the way off the right edge of the ruler–it should snap back and adhere to the right edge of the ruler if you adjust the width of the editor, indicating that the text will wrap at the right margin.

Mr X, you truly are a genius. Thank you. You not only diagnosed the issue correctly but also solved the ongoing problem.
May the deities of all creation smile down upon you!

Psssst… psssst … it is Mrs M 8)

Yes, credit must go where credit is due. I’m sure it was MM who provided the solution, not me.

Mr X