Text style looks very weird for Chinese characters

I use Scrivener 3 (Mac) with Scrivener 3 Windows Beta (I switched from Scrivener 1 Windows because I migrated my project to Scrivener 3) . I sync my work across different devices.
I noticed when using Scrivener 3 Windows Beta, if I am typing Chinese, and the font is not set to Chinese specific font, the text appearance will look horrible like below :

Basically, some characters are bold, while other characters are not.

The same problem does not occur in Mac version.
I did try to change all of my text ( including title and menu text ) to Chinese font, but every time after I sync my project with my Mac, the font will turn back to Arial and I have to reset the font every single time.

It is getting a little annoying and I am hoping Chinese characters can get consistent styles even when using English font.

PS - I just noticed the problem is not so noticeable when the font size is smaller than 12. The larger the font the more apparent the problem. And I happen to use font size 13, which makes the problem very noticeable.