Text style not sticking

I’ve created a text style that I want applied to each text document. I select the text. Change to my “body copy” style. Hit ‘enter’ to move to next paragraph, and the style switches to default “no style”.

What’s the deal here? Never had this problem in the past. I shouldn’t have to select all and change the style back over and over again.

There are two kinds of styles, paragraph styles and character styles. If you have defined your style as a paragraph style, one of the properties you can set is what style the next paragraph should be. By default this value is not set, meaning that it will revert back to “No Style.”

If you have a character style, then those are meant to apply to spans of characters.

What you seem to be saying is that you are setting a “Body/Normal” style à la Word. Styles in Scrivener work differently. The “No Style” becomes "Body/Normal"on compile to Word etc. If you set your own “Body” style, you are setting yourself up for less flexibility or more problems when it comes to compiling. When Scrivener 3 for Mac came out, that was one of the things that took me quite a lot of time to get my head round.

In sum, use paragraph styles in Scrivener for any text that is different from what you think of as “Body/Normal”, like headings and blockquotes—I actually also have a “First” style with no first line indent, as that works better following compile when I apply a cascading style sheet and other attributes in my word processor—and just set your “No Style” in File > Options (Scrivener-wide) or Project > Project Settings… (project specific) to what you are comfortable writing in and then set anyother font, size etc. for publication in the compile process.

Again, as part of getting my head round Scrivener 3, the changes to Compile was the part that took the most getting familiar with.

Hope that helps.