Text Tidying is buggy?

Hi folks. Bit of a newb to Scrivener. I’ve been trying to figure out how to use Text Tidying to remove all the extra double spaces I have throughout my project’s many documents, but when I select “Remove Empty Lines Between Paragraphs” from Text Tidying, all it does is delete a few paragraphs from the beginning of the selected document. Someone was saying I need to have my document consist of only non-breaking spaces or regular spaces and to use the search and replace function to change either of those, but how do I do that? I don’t know what a non-breaking space looks like in the Show Invisibles function, so I don’t know what I’d copy and paste into the Search/Replace window. And I don’t even know what a non-breaking space is to begin with.

I’m coming to you folks because I’m just feeling a bit of vertigo in the face of this learning curve, so can someone please spell it out for me? Thank you so much. I’ve been breaking my head over this for awhile.


Same here, Giacomo. Text Tidying can produce surprising results, and not the same surprising results each time.