Text to Folder -- Text Disappears

I had a text file.

My husband was monkeying with my computer. (Time to change the password)

Somehow, he converted the text to a folder. The text in it has disappeared. I can’t convert it back and I can’t find the text that was in the document before it was converted to a folder.

A few weeks ago a poster’s cat walked across the keyboard and changed a few Scrivener settings. This seems to be a similar case. :pouting_cat:

If you are referring to folder “Ruined”, from your screenshot I can see you’re in Outliner mode. In the Main Toolbar click the Outliner button (rightmost button shown below) to disable Outliner mode and display the text in “Ruined”.



Thank you. That fixed it. I hope that the other user did not have a cat-astrophe where his/her work was concerned.

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You should explore what the three view mode buttons do. Click them to your heart’s content until you know what they do; it won’t affect the content of anything.