Text To Not Be Included In Word Count

Hey, is it possible to add text to the document without it being included in the word count?

If I want to add comments/notes throughout the document, is it possible for them to not be counted in the total word count? (Similar to how Ulysses lets you mark comments)

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

In standard text mode, in the Editor click the word count in the footer and a pop-over will appear:

See Quick Text Statistics at subsection 8.1.2 of the manual…

You can also see more detailed statistics and their available adjustments in the Statistics panel pop-over at: Project menu > Statistics
Further explanation in Goals and Statistics Tracking Tools, subsection 20.1 of the manual.

Thanks for this!

For some reason the word count in the footer has just disappaered. I’m not sure if I’ve edited some setting but this is what the footer now looks like.

Do you know how I can get the word count back in the footer? Thank you!

Edit: It only seems to have disappeared for one document, not the entire project.

That’s the Script Mode footer. To get rid of it, uncheck Format -> Scriptwriting -> Script Mode.


Thank you!!!