Text to Speech Audio Issue

I am having an issue with the text to speech option - the program automatically defaults to my laptop speakers. I have tried two wired and two Bluetooth headphones. Even though my computer settings were correct and directed the sound to the headset, when I attempted to do text-to-speech, it used the speaker option, bypassing the headphones. For every other program, the sound (music, text to speech, et al), it played through the headphones. I have also tried highlighting text and selecting play. I have the most recent Scrivener for Windows and am still using the trial version. I also have a Windows Surface Laptop 1. Help?

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The answer is not in Scrivener. This is a Windows thing.

If you start the TTS, and go in Windows settings as below,

You will see activity where I marked in red.
I pointed to where the output is set.

Scrivener only remotely starts and stops the TTS. It doesn’t actually handle the process.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

If this is not it, check this at the bottom of the same sound settings page from Windows settings:

Scrivener could be set to route to your speakers by default.


I clicked around what you suggested, it was all set properly, but in the end, the text-to-speech option worked. Thank you for your help!