Text to Speech not working

The text-to-speech suddenly stopped working (I use Scrivener on my MacBook Air). It is very strange as it worked ok yesterday. I did not run any updates etc. Does anyone experience the same problem and know how to fix it?

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Is it working in other apps?

I’ve not had any issues (except there is now a slight delay between hitting the key combination and it activating since upgrading to macOS 14.2)

Reboot ?
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I think I have the same problem. The speech function was working fine tis morning. Now it does not.

Definitely check to see if it is working in other applications. Text-to-speech is a Mac OS capability – Scrivener just passes the command through to the operating system.

I am using a Window version, and I had the same thing happen. The Speech function just does not work any more and it worked the day before. Love a fix for this!

Text to Speech is not part of Scrivener. It’s part of the host Operating System, so I’m not sure what’s going on here. When I hit the key combination to activate it (CMD + Escape for me) on my Mac, MacOS does its thing. I’m not even sure if Scrivener is informed it’s happening.