Text-to-speech options screen questions

There’s several things I can’t figure out (using current 3.0 beta).

Engine - “Default” – I get this isn’t part of Scrivener per say, but I can’t seem to find anything on the web about installing other text-to-speech engines. Anyone have experience with this? Are there better ones than what Windows provides?

Language: Mine defaults to English (United States), and no other options are listed in the dropdown. I have installed (via Windows) English - UK as a secondary language, because I am trying to pick one of the British voices, but it doesn’t show up in this dropdown.

Voice name: It has defaulted to Microsoft David Desktop, which is an American sounding voice. I have Windows itself set to use Microsoft James, which has a British accent. I MUCH prefer this voice, but it’s not listed in Scrievner’s dropdown. How do I get it to show up? Or how can I get it to use the Windows default?

Thanks for any tips.