Text to speech

I use text to speech when I’m proofing a chapter. The drill is to highlight text, and then push the hot keys to start the voice reading.

The problem is that when I go in to fix a typo or any little thing (even while the voice continues to speak) it undoes the highlight. To get it reading again I have to re-highlight the text, which sounds like a MINOR inconvenience, except when doing it a thousand times.

Has anyone found a way to have Alex (the Mac voice) simply read from the current cursor position?


If only… I know this has been asked of Apple in the past as an enhancement request, but I think it is still not possible, unfortunately…
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To highlight from where you are to the end, all you’d have to do is press Shift-Cmd-downarrow each time.


That would work fine on a short document. However, it dumps you to the end of the selection, and this would be a problem on a long chapter. I would have to scroll back, all the way to the beginning of the selection to begin following along with the spoken voice.

Can’t you just hit the back arrow straight after the speech starts to take you back to the beginning of the selection?


This may give you the control you want…

I’ve just made a minor modification to the speech utility in Scrivener so that in the next version, it will start speaking from the cursor position. I have just overridden the standard method to fix this. I think this behaviour is more intuitive anyway…

Wow, that was fast :slight_smile:
I just discoveres this thread and as I use tts frequently, I’m quite happy about this addition.
Any chance for a 1.12b2 soon as I 'd like to use this new feature.

No chance, I’m afraid. This is one minor feature amongst lots of massive changes (nothing radical, but some cool additions and some improvements in areas that have long needed it). There won’t be another beta for some time - at least a month, I would say.

In the meantime, use the workaround mentioned above: cmd-shift-down arrow to select from the current cursor position to the end of text; start speech; hit the back arrow to take you back to where you were. This is, in fact, all that Scrivener does internally to alter the default behaviour; it just does it so quickly that you won’t see the selection change as it never gets time to draw that.


Keith, thanks, I look forward to the upcoming update.