TextExpander + 7 others in a $30 bundle

If you’ve thought about getting TextExpander, you might want to check out a bundle of 8 productivity apps that includes TextExpander for $30, which is less that the $35 retail price of TextExpander alone.


The apps are:

Path Finder
Keyboard Maestro

There’s a video explaining each on the page linked above. Note too the “Get It for Free” tab. If three or more people buy the bundle in the right way, one can get it for free.

Deals like this are usually better if you need more than one of the apps. However, I have found myself, a year or two later, being glad I bought one that didn’t interest me at the time.

If you do decide to buy, act fast. It looks like the offer ends on May 31st.

LATER: MacWorld has posted an overview of the apps at:

macworld.com/article/160176/ … undle.html

–Michael W. Perry, Seattle

Thanks for that! I’ve been looking for an excuse to get Path Finder for a long time now, and with all those other apps thrown in, how could I say no? :smiley: