Texture background causes typing delay.

Why is it that if you choose to set a texture (Inspector/Document/Choose texture) it makes typing so laggy. There is sometimes a two or three second delay when I start a new note before the word I have typed appears. If it has such a lousy effect on performance, why put it in? It is impossible to type smoothly with a texture background.

How large is your texture file on the disk? With normal texture-sized files (within the realm of 128 to 512 pixels square or smaller at screen resolution) I had no issues at all. Now if I loaded a massive photograph into the background then yes things did get a bit slow—it has to save that huge file every time along with everything else you’ve typed.

Hello, thanks for that. My texture was just a cork board texture at 456kb but I have returned to a plain background now. Didn’t realise that the background was continually saved as well.