Thank you developers for all you are doing for a 1 time purchase price!

Wow! I haven’t really had a need to read the forums before until I had a defect in a beta version. In fact, I’ve had Scrivener for over a year I think and I’ve never had an account for the forum. I created one to report the bug and decided to post a poll (about using Beta for NaNoWriMo), I read over a few threads because the topic titles were interesting.

To be fair, I only scanned through a few threads and read a few of the posts here and there. You will not see the humor, but I found many a bit funny. I’m actually shocked you tried to justify anything - I think that you are keeping your development staff small to control costs is all the justification you need. I truly felt sorry for you guys as a whole after reading a few posts.

Developers of Scrivener, I want to say thank you for your hard work.

I have purchased plenty of software. I own an office 365 subscription so I know how much software can cost me. I also recognize the shift of licensing into the pay monthly or yearly models - and I truly, truly (did I say truly?) appreciate what LL is providing for a 1 time fee. I’ve gotten my money’s worth and I haven’t found anything that performs better for me.

When I purchased, you ran a deal where you are GIVING me version 3 when you are complete but I bought version 1. Thanks for offering that deal. Enjoy coding v3 and know many of us appreciate your work. We are just busier producing so we don’t return to this site to read these forums. :laughing:

Yes, indeed, thanks!

+1 !!! (on the Mac-version and iOS version, but the principle is the same)

Now now, no need for the subtle jab, but the positivity sure is appreciated. I know the delays got to many people on the forums, but we’re close to the finishing line, and its with positivity and constructive feedback that we should carry on. :slight_smile:

That wasn’t a jab at the developers. I meant the fans of the tool are busier than ones with time to read forums and type lengthy complaints day after day. It sounds like all will be forgiven by years end in either case. Excited to see the target date.

Can I just also add my profoundest thanks for the way this company deals with its customers and in developing new versions. I am most impressed and thankful.

I rarely look at these forums and I have not been aware of some of the frustration others have at the amount of time it has been taking to develop the latest Windows version so I was a little surprised at some of the negativity.

I have been using Scrivener for Win & Mac plus iOS and Scapple quite happily with few problems; or should I say no problems that bother me. I do not use the Compile function.

I understand that Win3 is about a month from general release and that is why I came to the forums today to pick up a copy of the latest beta and start getting used to it.

To repeat, I do very much appreciate the work of the people behind what I consider is some of the finest software I have ever used in my business.

I am not a developer and have no inside knowledge, but we’ve been a month away for a while now. I would advice to not get your hopes up too much.
Last time there was an apology was before september, and in that post it was a matter of weeks, certainly not months (paraphrasing I think). Still we are now with a new beta to run us to the end of october.
I am not complaining about it, just trying to keep my, and a lot of people, hopes in check.

I agree, although some of us have been using (Windows) versions of Scrivener for so long we won’t be in the group with the automatic upgrade at no charge. And - to stave off the usual suspects tuning up - I’m perfectly fine with that. I’ve already bought two (or three, can’t recall at this point) licenses over the years because I keep losing the damn registrations, and that’s fine, too.

Scrivener is an amazing product - at least the Windows version is, I’ve never used the Mac version. The betas have been quite good, with a few bugs I found already noted by others, so I haven’t reported them, as what’s the point of duplications? I’m looking forward to the full release of WinV3, at which time I will buy (yet another) license, and I wish L&L nothing but success in selling many, many more licenses to as many people as possible so they can continue to develop a very useful tool.

Have a nice evening.

Despite apparently being one of the ‘usual suspects’ I heartily agree with your comments.(Wasn’t difficult at all). Like you I will happily pay the upgrade fee.

I too will happily pay the upgrade fee. From what I have seen and used of Beta 3 for Win, how can I not? I’ve been quite happily using it for what seems like forever. When it comes time to pony up, I’ll be first in line. (Although I doubt that. The line will be too long for me to be the first.)

Scrivener should cost at least 5 times what is asked.


Yes. Do some maths: $45 is 15 cents per DAY when used for only 300 days in one year. And I can install it on a bunch of computers.

I think it should cost 4 times as much per year.

The current insanity of thinking the most important bits of our systems (windows,…) should essentially be free is clearly in the way of any reason.

And: fewer customers who pay more are much easier to support. That is good business. Gets rid of those who think they should get everything for free, who make up the majority of the group that demands way too much attention.

Keith has explicitly said that Scrivener is deliberately priced to make sure it’s within reach of beginning writers, students, and others who may not have a lot of resources to throw at it.


Thank Keith for this! :slight_smile:


I definitely appreciate this. I have a low income and can’t afford to spend a lot of money on, well, anything. That I was able to get my copy of Scrivener for probably a quarter of what I paid for Microsoft Office ten years ago is incredible. I’ll be able to upgrade to v3 for free, being as I just bought my licence a couple of months ago, but I would happily pay for it. As it is I’ll be putting the money I would have spent on an upgrade toward helping a friend upgrade their copy to the next version.

Scrivener’s pricing is a wonder. I use it every day, and much more regularly and consistently than other apps/programmes that have cost me significantly more money and contributed far less to my productivity (and overall happiness)!

I understand this. But, there are many of us who can and should pay much more. One size does not fit all. And value is in the eye of the beholder. This is why Pro tools is still considered the standard, even though other, even free audio programs, are superior. This is why Final Draft is considered the standard even though Fade-In Pro is significantly more user friendly yet costs less than than updates to Final draft.

People who use the program for income should pay more than students/beginners. A pro is using this software to the point the it costs tenths of a cent per hour. A beginner is more in the cents range.

This program is one of the best. It should be shown lots of love.

My point: those who complain about price are always those that cost the most to service. Best to steer them to competitors.

At the end of the day, that’s not your call to make, is it?

We do offer an educational discount.

Beyond that, I’m sure a school or other organization near you would appreciate as many donated licenses as you feel inspired to contribute.