Thank you for Scrivener

Hello everyone,
I’ve owned Scrivener for a while, and use it regularly for my work, writing IT Strategies, reports, etc. for our company. However, it is only after starting NaNoWriMo that the philosophy behind Scrivener really gelled.

What made it for me was Edit Scrivenings. I have two different timelines, and being able to edit them as separate wholes, is simply fantastic.

The research folder has been a godsend, and whenever I need inspiration, I just look at the corkboard. The unnoticed autosave is a little lifesaver, chugging along in the background.
To coin a Mac’ish phrase, “It Just Works ™”.

What would I change? At the moment absolutely nothing! Keith, thanks for the fantastic product you’ve made. Scrivener has joined Tinderbox, Together, and Papers as my main must-have programs.

Don’t change it too much. It has Zen as it is.