Thank you for updating colour labelling

A HUGE thank you for fixing the colour labelling in Scrivener v3.1. It means I’ve fully and happily migrated over to 3 as it was the one thing that made the new version less usable for me.

I deeply appreciate the fact you took note of feedback and put indents and gaps back in the colour labelling. I can’t think of a single other company that’d do that, let alone so fast. Thank you!! :smiley:

I love Scrivener 3. As yet I doubt I’ve managed to work out a quarter of what it’s capable of, but it’s such an amazing program that I’m using my last few days of free time to study and understand as much as I can of it because there are so many features I know I’ll use now they’re there and once I’ve worked them out. Thank you again for all your hard work and effort in making this such a wonderful writing tool.

May the year ahead bring you everything good.

Thanks, glad you like it! Happy New Year!