Thank you to "The Entire Team"

I’m so geeked! I just registered my copy of 1.0, Thank you so very much for all the hard work! Now back to my first nanowrimo, and my millionth nervous break down!

Wait a minute - are you saying you were able to download 1.0 somewhere? It’s still just showing up as available for preorder for me (and I already preordered).

I second this! <3

sends cupcakes and beer

Hooray, now I can download it!

Happy Dance Commences

So thrilled this is out, thanks for the great product and the option to beta test it for the past year, which has been the best and most frustration-free beta testing experience I’ve ever had. Huzzah!

Yes, and particularly want to mention the persons who have done so much in the last year to make Scrivener Windows a reality, in their work with Lee Powell.

They are Ian Walters and Tihomir Dolapchiev – and I know this by looking at the ‘About’ on my Version 1.0 and registered Scrivener, today.

Lee I think we all appreciate very well for his qualities, which are many.

It goes without saying for Keith Lord Blount, who started and keeps his hands well in, on this multi-ring operation. You’ve certainly got a result here, Keith.

Lots of others on that list, and we here will well recognize Jennifer and Ioa.

Well, there it is to use, the icon and the opened writing window. Is it different, with just 1.0 in its name??

It is.

Hearty congratulations, all around. Out of ‘the cave’ now, surely, best wishes as you enjoy it


Yes, thank you everyone!
I <3 Scriv, and I think I would have died to do NaNo without it. Esp. after my crippling failure at having a plot of any kind last year.

Yea for organization!

Go entire Lit and Lat team!

Well, I’m blushing. Thank you all for your well wishes and support, this hopefully is just the start of amazing things for Scrivener on Windows - we have lots more still to do.

Call me stupid, or maybe I have been inside too long, but what does this mean?

Is it a cupcake on its side, an ice cream cone, less than three?


Mentally rotate 90 degrees counter-clockwise!



And the answer is 2.

Yum, cupcakes.


Purchased, downloaded, and installed “Scrivener for Windows.” Played with it for a few hours. It is much better than I expected. Thanks for all your hard work.

Brilliant Work Everyone …

Or you could just tell him it’s a heart…
Nah, too easy.

But whose heart? Is this some kind of barbarian sacrifice to cut out hearts and lay them at the feet of the Scrivener gods?

I always thought it was a sappy, lace and red paper Valentine heart myself, but I may have been wrong all this time.
What if all this time I was unknowingly promoting barbarian suicide sacrifices?!?!?

Or worse, cupcakes shaped like real human hearts!

Hmm, actually those are kind of cool.

Wow, if that’s the case then they must have dug them up from their centuries old graves. Creepy.

It worries me that you’ve seen these.