Thank you!

My Christmas break starts tonight, so I wanted to take a moment to say thank you!

I’ve been writing since I was a kid. Roll back the calendar to the early 90s, and there I was a skinny wee thing figuring out how to get my hand-written short stories into Emacs. Eventually I migrated from that to Word 5 (for DOS!), then Word 2.0 for Windows both bloated with so many features… You know the more features they pile into those programs the LESS useful they seem to get. The more cluttered the UI, the more likely that I was going to mess something up, or get distracted by trying to get that ‘perfect formatting’.

Just a few months ago I come across Scrivener, the perfect, focused tool for my writing. I love it. It took me through the most intense writing period of my life, and has made me a much better writer, I believe.

So, thank you for an amazing product. Have a fantastic festive break!

Thanks, much appreciated! Have a fantastic Christmas yourself!
Happy holidays,