Thank You

Not sure where to post this so please move it if I’ve chosen the wrong subforum.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the work that must have gone into the Compile feature in Scrivener 3.

It’s more than 3 years since I last used it
This last week I’ve been putting together a short book.
I felt a bit nervous about the Compile stage, not convinced I’d remember how it worked.

Today I was able to publish my book both as a paperback and ebook thanks to the Compile feature.
There were, inevitably, a few wrinkles - stuff I’d formatted awkwardly - but these were soon ironed out.

I’d given myself 2 weeks total for this little project. Due, in no small part, to you good people I was able to knock it out in 5 days.
For me, the Compile feature in 3 is way ahead of what we had in 2.
Many Thanks.

Welcome back to the forum—congratulations on finishing the book ahead of schedule, and many thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile:

I think all around it helps that you hadn’t looked at compile in a while! We’ve found new folks, as well as those that never dabbled much in compiling, made the transition easier than those who had a high level of familiarity with the old system at the time of upgrading. It’s still a complex system, but I think it does a better job of easing you into it, especially since a lot of common desires are addressed by the prefab layout system, and making layouts isn’t anywhere near as intimidating as the old “Level 3+ Folder” system.