Thank you!

Hi Keith

I just wanted to say thank you.

After downloading Beta 3, I jumped straight in with the testing by importing all the bits and pieces of my novel (research, background material, chapters and scraps). For the first time in two years I am nose-to-screen with my entire novel.

This program is a godsend (Keithsend?).

I believe Scrivener will take months off the re-organisation and re-write. (Like many non-linear writers I seem to have wandered over the hills and far away from my original outline and have far too many pieces that I hope I will be able to fit in somewhere.)

I have certainly finished shuffling the opening chapters into position already. :smiley:

BTW - I had a minor problem importing documents directly from .doc format which was due, I think, to having partially edited them first using a Palm. All the bits that were changed via the Palm failed to convert properly and import properly into Scrivener for some reason. Not to worry - saving everything to RTF first and then importing the documents got around this problem.

I have also been delighted to discover that the program works well with my Neo.

So thank you once again. I have renewed enthusiasm for what I am doing and can now see where I am going.

Keith, if this is what you consider to be a beta - all I can say is tie off the loose ends and come and join the rest of us in the swimming pool!


Thank you very much for this message, Pipi, it’s great to hear people being enthusastic about Scrivener.

As for the import problem you had, there are certain problems with importing .doc files whereby you can lose certain formatting attributes - this is a problem with the way the Cocoa text system handles compatibility with .doc files in general, unfortunately. I’m glad you managed to sort it out, though.

Thanks again for taking the time to post,

If you write on the Palm a lot, an application I have found much utility in is WordSmith. It can edit RTF files directly. You can even upload you favourite system fonts into it. It has a lot of handy features considering that it is a Palm program. I used to write all of the time on a Palm with a fold-out keyboard. It is a very nice alternative to using a laptop if all you do is write.

It will also read proper RTF comments, footnotes, and colours (if you do not turn anti-aliasing on). Useful if you want to retain your annotations, but keep them out of the way given the much smaller screen size.

Where it falls short is if you also use Windows, but that is a limitation between the way Windows assigns font names and the Mac assigns them. They often use a different identifier, so you will lose your font face if you go back and forth. The file itself reads between systems.

P.S. Now why can a Palm Pilot program read comments but not any Mac programs.

I don’t mind loosing the formatting attributes - at this stage formatting is the least of my worries. Temporarily loosing sight of whole paragraphs of text was… a bit of a concern :wink:

Very strange. Unfortunately the code for importing .doc files (or even .rtf or .rtfd or anything else for that matter) is not my own - it comes straight from Apple…

Thanks, I’ll keep Wordsmith in mind if I ever go back to using a Palm.

I used to do a lot of work via Palm and fold-out keyboard (novel and university lecture notes). However, recent versions of the hardware are not nearly so useful and I regret parting with my m100 series Palm and matching keyboard.

The new universal keyboards are unreliable and a little “flakey” in their behavior. Re-installing the driver on a near daily basis is for the birds.

On reflection, I think the problem has more to do with the history of the file rather than the import code.

The document, a life history:

Born in Ulysses
Sent to Word (mac version)
Emailed to Word (M$ version) (and back to Word mac version too many times to recall…)
Sent to Palm (via Dataviz, a neat program that juggles documents Word/Palm and syncronises versions) (again, the document went on a spin cycle through these environments…)
Word (mac version)
Sent to Scrivener (and we all know what happened the first time)
Back to Word (mac version) and saved as rtf
Sent to Scrivener (Ta dah! Success!)

So… Small wonder the luggage went missing :wink:

Agreed. I never use mine anymore either. I’ll probably go down the same road with a used Neo or Dana. I’d rather the Neo though. I just want it to write. I don’t need the added complexities and distractions of the Palm OS (a special widescreen version of WordSmith is the only thing that really tempts me). Good to hear it works well with Scrivener.

Some applications are drudgery, difficult to use, requiring more thought about learning the app than inspiring creativity. Scrivner is not one of those apps. Thank you for creating this app, it has inspired me to write again.

Thank you for taking the time to post positive comments. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:
All the best,