Thanks and Happy Christmas

Probably a tad early but I would like to thank all the Scapple and Scrivener developers and wish everyone here seasons greetings. I’m quite new to Scrivener and Scapple (on Windows) and loving both. It’s amazing how quickly they have become central to my workflow. I’m not a writer as such, but using both programs to help organise reference material, thoughts and text for a dissertation. All the best, Jono.
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A tad early!? :open_mouth: Y’ gorra be jokin’ Jono :slight_smile: Tesco’s have had Father Christmases patrolling their car parks since mid-summer.

It’s nearly time. The pubs and clubs are full of WORK’s DOs, and Office Christmas Parties. And this is very sad… I’m in the process of erecting and decorating the Christmas tree :open_mouth: :cry: :imp: So I recon you are dead on time Jono :wink:
Merry Christmas to you, and all our fellow Scriv crew members.
[size=150]Good Luck with the dissertation

That counts!

And a happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Bodhi Day, Dōngzhì, Pancha Ganapati and New Year to you too. :smiley:

Hmm … are you sure they’re Father Christmases? Given the naked protestors, they might be undercover detectives …

Mr X

Hiya Mark,

My statement is based upon anecdotal evidence from the ranks of the incredulous, commenting on their experiences at other major Tesco supermarkets.
Our Tesco is a ‘Convenience store’ (tiny in comparison, and licensed to charge far in excess of the prices found in their major outlets.
It would be disingenuous of me to claim that we don’t attract the attention of Special Branch/MI5/MI6/ and the odd, mincing, SAS Trooper, because we do. However, so evident is our commitment to the cause, that the operatives from the agencies, aforementioned, experience difficulty, maintaining an objective, and dare I say it, hostile attitude toward us and our struggle. Many are bowled over by our palpable sincerity, commitment, and genuinely good natured mindset. Many of our most vociferous well-wishers, come from within the ranks of those good folk.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, young fella.

If they were undercover, they’d obviously be mingling with the naked protestors, which suggests they would have to be uncovered, or their cover would be blown. And it possibly still might be…unless they’d covered all the bases…er…no, hang on, let me think this through. If they’re discovered, then the detectives would be detected, which would constitute an unrecoverable loss of cover. I think.
Right. That’s that covered then.

By the bye, happy Christmas, one and all. :smiley:

Young Master Jud d’ Bert,
That’s all very revealing.

Quite an exposé, if you ask me.

Mr Vic I do think your Xmas decorations are rather understated this year and feel you should make more of an effort as you are such an influence on the board. Perhaps you could decorate the cat.

Hey all,

Yes, have a very Merry Christmas, and may 2014 bring you everything you could wish for in a year.
I’ll probably be around for a few days more, but for those with better things to spend their time on: enjoy! :smiley:

Love and hugs,

Some folk are never satisfied… wot y’ like!?The mousehound doesn’t like being messed about! I’ll end up paying for it by being woken up more than the usual 3or4 time a night for scritching/scratching sessions
Merry Christmas Foxy&Family

Merry Christmas to all Scriv’s Crew

Where’s the lights, and baubles, y’ philistine!! :open_mouth:

Merry Heineken

We’ve already put our heart into decorating this year.

Yes it is, young Master Sin… yes it is!! Albeit, a hillbilly one.
I wish you a Happy Christmas Hillbilly Hootenanny, Master sin

And a Merry Christmas to you, Fluff. And thank you for the Christmas card.

Hef does it best.