Thanks and help with formatting shortcut

Hi, I am new to Scrivener and new to this forum, so first I want to express my heartfelt thanks for such a fantastic writing tool :smiley: I have bought it to breathe life into my PhD (in biblical studies) and free myself from being overloaded with technicalities (I am using Mellel along with Bookends, which are very solid and serviceable, but not exactly inspiring) and tedium. I have worked my way through the very helpful tutorial and supplemented that with a bit of the manual and a couple of threads here at this forum.

To my specific query. I am writing along and choose a formatting preset, let’s say “Block Quote”, and then want to revert to standard formatting (as set in Preferences) as seamlessly as possible. Is there a way of doing this either with a keyboard shortcut or by setting Block Quote to revert to the standard formatting when I press Return? My current workaround is to save the standard Preferences formatting as a preset available with the other presets in the drop down menu in the Format Bar. However, I am sure there is a keyboard shortcut that will just take me out of “Block Quote” and back to the standard formatting.


Thanks for the kind words!

There are no keyboard shortcuts set up for presets at the moment, but you should be able to set some up yourself. You can use the “Keyboard” pane of System Preferences to set up keyboard shortcuts for any menu item in any application, so you could choose two keyboard shortcuts that aren’t already in use by Scrivener and add those as the shortcuts for “Block Quote” and your regular preset.

All the best,

Thanks, that works a treat :slight_smile: