Thanks for a great writing tool

I finally fired up Scrivener a few of weeks ago and started writing again for the first time in years. I was always writing when I was younger even in classes back in school days when I shouldn’t have been but somehow living/life kind of hindered that and the writing dropped off. I’m brand new to scrivener but I have to say I love it. I was really sad to see there still wasn’t an iOS app available but then I stumbled on an article online that said it was in Beta.

I’m even more excited, I had started downloading different writing apps that had both before my manuscript gets too long but now I’ve stopped since I wasn’t really as happy with the other programs.

I’m hoping to buy an iPad Pro next weekend and even though it will be ‘Scrivenerless’ for a space of time, given its a private invite only beta, otherwise I’d be downloading it onto my iPad Air now!

Anyhow as a new Scrivener user thank you Keith, my new project has just clicked up about 15000 words and I’m loving the app. It somehow makes the whole process easier being able to break it down into small little chunks.

I’m even looking forward to editing, I remember years ago sitting on the floor with my 421 page manuscript I’d written in Microsoft Word in piles around me, swapping the chapters or pages from chapters around trying to make order of everything. From memory that’s where I gave up on everything being too hard.

It looks so easy on scrivener by comparison and my brief experiment with it when I started it up proves it is!

So waiting oh so patiently for the iOS app, um, so new iPad Pro next week, how about the public beta the week after? :stuck_out_tongue: (joking - kind of. Lol)


Hi Cath, are you getting the 13" or the 9.7" Pro?

I picked up the larger one about a month ago and am also patiently awaiting the beta/release of the IOS version.

I am curious to know what you think of the Apple keyboard on the iPad. I tried it and did not like it at all to be honest. I have a Surface Pro 3 and the type cover on that is light years better. I just ended up using the Pro with a Logitech bluetooth keyboard. Not as portable, but I prefer the typing experience.

Thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile:

The iOS beta is going well by the way, but we’re not yet at a point of speculating on when it will be available quite yet.

Welcome to the Forums, Cath! I think so many of us here remember that same heady feeling when we first discovered Scrivener. It is really a game changer.

Best to you in your writing!


Lori bee - I’m thinking of the 12.9" at this point. The extra screen size appeals to me although I guess I’ll find out when I get to see them and have a play in the Apple Store on the weekend (I hope).

I’ve seen some feedback on the keyboards and was thinking of the Apple Keyboard but I will certainly look at what (if anything) is available. Bulk, weight and portability will be a big deciding factor for me to be honest.

I’ll certainly let you know what I think of the keyboard I get with it. I can tell you, which ever one it ends up being it will get a fair trial. I won’t be in a position to get back home to the mainland once I return to this rock I’m on until August.

AmberV - I can be patient… I know I can… maybe… I’ll content myself with checking up on the iOS Beta forum I stumbled on. Sigh.

gr - Thanks for the welcome, I’m so glad not only that I found Scrivener but fired it up and started using it!

The 12-9 has a lovely screen but isn’t very portable to me. I got the 9-7 as soon as it came out and for me it’s ideal. I like small when I go around. The Apple keyboard is good for my taste and gets also rid of unnecessary cables to recharge itself. Another portability factor that I like (you don’t need to recharge these Bluetooth keyboards very often, but once in a while you have to)

Here is my 9.7" Air (non-pro) with the Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard

It’s pretty portable as both easily fit into my bag.

Right I went for the iPad Pro 12" with the Logitech keyboard. I’m loving it so far and really like the extra screen size. (My drawing ability remains at the level I remember - barely recognisable stick man…)

So iPad Pro - Check

Scrivener iOS App - waiting patently…

I really love my 12.9" iPad Pro with Logitech Create keyboard. Yes it’s heavy in the case, but it works so well and the keyboard is great. Yes I also have a desktop. I have found, though, that with some creativity, I have completely replaced my macbook pro.

I have written blog posts, edited pictures, written code, read RSS, taken notes (love that Apple Pencil), ftp’ed files, and even played a few games now and then. All that is left is Scrivener for iOS. Let us know what you decide! :slight_smile:

I need to check out the logitech create keyboard at a store to see how much bulk it actually adds to the Pro – probably a lot less than if I carried my MacPlus keyboard around with me :wink: