thanks for making scriv work so well on netbook!

when the first Asus eee pc net books came out, I was among the first to jump on board and that means a 7" screen. smaller than my touchpad tablet for crying out loud.

but I’m very very grateful (and shocked!) that scriv works so nicely on it! the windows scriv page touts its ability to handle net books but I was skeptical. I was wrong to be!

it feels compact but not crowded and almost feels designed for a small screen when working on the small screen. and yet, on my 24" desktop, it feels equally at home and I get advantages from the extra real estate.

anyhoo, just wanted to give my props to a really surprisingly well designed writing environment.

thanks much!


It’s funny you saying this because I have been thinking exactly what you have posted here since first trying out the beta. I have my Dell quad core PC in the sitting room with 24 inch IIyama monitor running Scrivener and then a 12 ins dell laptop which I bought on ebay a year ago for £112. Strangely both of them handle the program equally well, even though poles apart in the performance stakes. I find I work better on the laptop as there are no other distractions. It is only setup for writing and basic surfing whereas on the daddy PC, there is always something to get sidetracked by. I always turn off the Inspector on the laptop though until needed and use the wonderful dropbox to keep both of them in sync and also backing up to an external key every day.