Thanks for the Scrivener for iPad update!


Thank you for explaining the cause for delay with Scrivener for iPad. My mind wanders into all sorts of pessimistic speculation, so it was with great, albeit solemn, relief that I read your thoughtful update ( I hope everything will be okay with your previous full-time developer and her family, and that she’ll be able to return to a more rigorous work schedule soon. Meanwhile, I welcome the news of your new developer. She sounds like a great fit for a mobile Scrivener!

As I write software by day, I can relate to your frustration with Apple’s lack of support for rich text manipulation. It’s a lonely place to be at the mercy of a single vendor to provide you with the tools you need to make software people will not just use but love. Products like Scrivener are what made Apple great, so they would do well to heed your complaint.