Thanks for the update regarding release!

Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to Lee and the rest of the Windows team for an update on the status of Scriv 3 for Windows. Obviously, not the news I was hoping for, but I completely understand and wanted to say I appreciate the update.

And I completely agree, the Beta has been stable (as far as no loss of data) for months and even with its kinks still a much better tool than anything else I can find. The way I’m looking at it, you’ve already given me Scrivener 3 for Windows, and you’ve agreed to postpone payment until you get the bugs sorted out. Works for me!

In an age where so much software gets released half baked, I just wanted to say thank you for sticking to your guns and not making an official release until the software meets the quality expectations you have for it. Waiting is frustrating. But so are bugs in an “official” released version. However, the way you all do it, at least I’m not out any money in addition to being frustrated.

My MBP died around the exact same time that the Beta became stable for Windows, so I greatly appreciate what you all have done, as I really did not want to buy another Apple product until their management realizes that while the style was nice, people were willing to pay premium dollar for their hardware because it “just worked” - and people like me could even buy bottom of the line and upgrade it over the years. Their obsession with thinness (I hate their butterfly keyboards key depth and the trackpad now feels like it is just a square that is coming loose on the body instead of an actual button), and their determination to force people to buy new systems by taking away our ability to upgrade on our own means it will be a while before I buy another Mac.

Keep up the good work, and we are all excited about the upcoming release (but do please hurry, lol)!

Author of the High Fantasy series Tales of Lugon
(Book 1, Truth Unearthed, was written completely in Scrivener! I would never have been able to make a cohesive plot, much less world, without it!)

This. Thank you for your hard work!

Pretty much how I’ve been looking at it too! And if we can help squash (or, y’know, frantically wave a broom at) a few of those pesky bugs along the way, all the better. :mrgreen:

Seriously, a massive thank-you to the whole Windows team for all your hard work on this.

I’m comfortable with this response. But it DOES sound as if future Windows versions will be a bit easier to create since much of the Windows “heavy lifting” will have already been done.

Of course, Microsoft, being Microsoft, will no doubt require other newer, more challenging heavy lifting from developers in the future.

I am intrigued by references to Scrivener for Android, can someone from L&L elaborate what is exactly meant? Does this mean we get to create posts asking why the Android version has been delayed AGAIN?

:laughing: Yes, an Android version has been mentioned before ([url]Scrivener for android - #7 by KB]) as happening after Windows 3 release. I’d give them a day or three after Win release before I started asking, “Are we there yet?… Are we there yet?

But that’s me… :smiley:

Oh hai. When I read the README of the Scapple update, I saw the phrase “Windows/Linux dev for Scapple.” Leftover, or do I have something to be excited about in the future? :slight_smile:

Please may I add my thanks to the Windows dev team for the ongoing hardwork? From the blog post, it sounds like a nightmarish task, but I’m 40,000 words into the next book with the beta and am finding it mostly very stable (and a lot easier to look at than 1.9). So, keep up the good work, thanks for not rushing out a half-finished project, and good luck on the home straight! Thanks

I appreciate the beta. It’s definitely better than nothing BUT is there any way I can please purchase the software so it stops expiring? I find it polished enough - I compile on the Mac anyway, I just use Windows to write. I never remember to download the new version before the old one expires and it turns into a hassle.

Echoing all the thanks above. I don’t know if Lee and Tiho check these forums often (too busy pushing those rocks up the hill? :slight_smile: ), but I love what I’ve seen of v3 so far and I’m looking forward to playing with it in detail by the end of summer.

Thanks again, L&L team for the software, the support, and for caring so much about your product!

The beta versions don’t have the code installed to accept a license – they’re deliberately engineered to expire. This way, if you do run into a bug, they’re reasonably confident that it’s not one they’ve already fixed in a later version of the beta that you just never updated to.

Part of the fun of using the beta is accepting the expiration dates and need to upgrade on a regular basis.

A big thank you to the development team for waiting to get it right (yes, it’s still frustrating to us, but I know it is for you too.) Your update is clear and professional. I look forward to the release.

To those using beta: While my husband loves beta testing (he’s a Microsoft Certified Technician) I’ve always avoided betas out of not wanting to be a guinea pig. My excitement is getting the best of me though. I’m in the middle of a manuscript due to my editor in less than two months. Logic tells me to wait. My heart says go for it. Knowing there’s always risks, is the beta version worth getting now and using or should I hang on?

If you’ve got to get the manuscript in in two months, general advice would be stick with what you know, rather than using up time and energy getting to grips with all that’s changed.

That is especially true if you are already familiar with how to compile in v. 1.9. The most profound changes with v. 3 are in Compile. It’s much more flexible, but there is a substantial learning curve for those making the change who are at home with compiling in v. 1.9. You don’t want to be struggling over the last hurdle with your deadline looming.

My 1/2p’orth.



As you mentioned you’re risk adverse AND you have a short term deadline, my recommendation is to finish and deliver your work in the old version. At that point it’ll be near the end of August, which is when the Windows v3 release is due, and then, as a reward for your self-control and delayed gratification, you can write L&L a check and buy v3 as a present for yourself. :smiley:

Jim (trying to talk you down from the ledge)

Compile upgrades I can wait for. Thank you, Mark

August is perfect. Thanks for getting me off that ledge.

Beta vs. release questions aside, I would not encourage anyone with a looming deadline to upgrade.

When Mac Scrivener 3 was released, the completely revamped Compile command was probably the biggest cause of user dismay. We think the new approach is better, but it does have a learning curve. Not something you want to struggle with under deadline pressure.

The upgrade guide for Mac Scrivener 2 users is here, for anyone who wants to take a peek: … date-guide
The specific locations of menu items may be different, and I don’t know how much of the new functionality actually works in the beta, but it will still give you a general idea.


Is there perchance an RSS feed for the blog? I must be subscribed to an old RSS feed in my Feedly, because that thing hasn’t updated in ages and I wasn’t aware of the Windows news until I saw this thread. Any help?

Also, just echoing what others have said: I’d rather have a great piece of software delivered late, than a buggy piece delivered on time. You folks have always done outstanding work with a small team and limited resources.

Yes, another voice saying thank you. Because I KNOW you get soooo many complaints, and the many people who appreciate you can sometimes seem non-existent, I have to speak up and say THANK YOU!

I’m also glad for the betas for another reason: the interface is quite different from the 1.x version, and I do a lot of instruction and support for others using Scrivener (one of the most rewarding ways I procrastinate actually writing :wink: :blush: ), and this helps me familiarize myself with the changes so that I can hit the ground running when the new version comes out. So, not only thank you for making sure the final is good and all your hard work, but making it a free, open beta,

Thanks to Lee & co. for the update! As many others have said, it’s ultimately worth it to wait for a quality product. Their hard work is not unappreciated. :smiley:

I’ve been enjoying updating the various beta versions, and it’s been fun to see all the changes! Looking very much forward to 3’s release.

Losing your activation provider, ouch.
Thanks for the work.

Excited that it is so close!