A belated happy Thanksgivings Day, to our cousins over the pond :smiley:


Why do we call it the pond? Pond’s have a tendancy to be slimy, and house frogs. And they are roundish and have a single joining side. I’d have thought a better analogy would be “creek”, or another running water scenario.

The consensus assumption is that it’s an ironic label given to the Atlantic by colonists after enduring the crossing from Europe. Making light of a difficult past endeavour is pretty common.

ANTONY & PINK… whorra…a…feckin …combo!!! jeezzz!!

hello antony :slight_smile:

I have no idea who that strange man with the whirling eyes and the lollipop stick up his nose is.

you…two f…faced… :open_mouth: where…where… am I?