That pesky meta-data

Having trouble with meta-data again. I’m compiling a project for someone, as a PDF for proofing. I’ve changed the custom meta-data settings both in Project>Meta-Data>Project Properties, and in the Compile dialogue’s Meta-Data pane. But the front page - where the author’s name, phone number and email address come up - still shows my name, phone number and email address.
Can this be fixed, and how?

Oh, wait, this is weird; I changed the Title Page document in another project to contain my name and number, and now it has them in this new project. Not meta-data at all (but how strange that the new project should have these settings!)

But on the other hand, the formatting of the titles is weird; it comes out like this:

(Chapter ONE)
# # Invitation to a Wedding # #

I can’t seem to get rid of those hashes. Not a biggie, but annoying.

The author contact information comes from the card that you have set as “My Card” in the Contacts application. If you want to compile a project with someone else’s information, the fastest approach is probably going to be to edit the title page manually.

Title formatting is set in the File -> Compile -> Formatting pane. Select the outline level you want to change, then the Section Layout button in the middle of the pane (right above the text preview). The hashes are probably part of the Title Prefix and Suffix settings.

Thank you for using Scrivener,


Thanks, Katherine, that’s what I did, edited the title page manually, and that worked.

I had already fished around the Formatting pane and couldn’t see any setting that would provide those nasty hash marks. There is a setting for “Custom” in “Text Separator” which has hash marks, but even if I take those hash marks out in “Custom”, then change the setting to show “Line Break”, the hash marks show greyed out, and won’t go away. I wonder if that’s where the horrid things come from.

Did you look at the Section Layout options in the Formatting pane? The Section Layout button is right above the text preview area.