That wine and beer...

Speaking of wine and beer (in other threads), I just discovered a great red Italian — Brunello di Montalcino. Just a couple of more glasses, and my novel’s true meaning will shine. I feel it.

Folks say that apart from being a great help in flashing out the true meanings, Brunello is a great investment. Buy a few bottles of young wine in a good year, and a few years down the road sell it for a good multiple profit.

And the good news for me is, the Brunello region is just 90 minutes drive from where I am.

How does this work? You mean you keep the wine and don’t drink it? Does not compute. :open_mouth:

LOL — yeah… that’s the idea. You lock it deep in your cellar and give the key to your wife. 10 years later, sell it.

My wife and I just got job offers to Moscow. Our company will support free transporation of 200 wine bottles. New Brunello goes at 10 euro or less. 5 years later, it’s around 40 euro. We’re giving it a think — especially given the Moscow’s recent wine supply issues :smiley:

Anyway, I’m almost through my bottle… writing a very, very enlightened scene…