The beauty of Scapple

Some years ago I looked into mind mapping tools. Then I realized I really didn’t need them. In the last week or so I have been conceptually struggling with something and thought that mind mapping tools might help my thinking. I looked into the apps I had on my Mac and found out these tools were actually getting in the way of a solution to my problem. Then I remembered Scapple. I had even forgotten I had already downloaded the trial version and apparently used it only for like four days. I am still in trial! And yet yesterday I opened it up, used it for about an hour, and now I see things with much more clarity. It helped me tremendously. And I had just to open it and use it. It’s like a piece of paper. Except that is better than that! Well done Keith.

Couldn’t agree more. Scapple every day for first thoughts for a variety of (kinds of) projects - then to Scrivener to write them out (and maybe iThoughts if anything needs development). Many of my Scaps are disposable though - single use, as it were.

Is there a problem if one leaves a scapple file open on a machine and then uses another machine to work on the same file? With Scrivener projects, I never do that, but scaps are much simpler files, and so I wonder if that’s a problem or not

Don’t do that. Ever. :smiley:


Man, you scared me! :smiley: