The best country in the world

As all Swedish people have known for a long time, more and more people around the world are discovering, that Sweden is the best country in the world. Sweden has the best legal sytem, the best school system, the best healthcare, the best tax system and the best summers in the world. I think that Sweden is the only country in the world where people that decide in the courts are politically assigned. So Julian Assange you have nothing to worry about. If you are innocent, your chances of going to jail for it is not worse than in many other countries. We, the swedish people, are proud to be a part of EU so that other people in Europe can learn from us. We feel that we have an obligation to teach our less fortunate friends in France, Spain, UK, Bulgaria and many other under developed countries, our system. It is well known that women have not equal rights anywhere in the world, Sweden being the only exception. For instance, Sweden is the only country in the world where selling sex is legal, but buying sex is illegal. We have helped more political refugees then maybe any other land. We are a small country but a human rights giant. We also have the best CEOs in the world, and companies all over the world are fighting to get a leader from Sweden to run their businesses. We have arguably among the best scientists, hackers, athletes, politicians and writers in the world. When we come to music there are names like Abba, Europe, Robyn and Roxette, just to name few. This is just a tip of the iceberg, I could go on for hours, but saying self evident facts, soon becomes boring.

Ah, summer in Sweden. It’s the best day of the year.

Now, let’s talk of winters (the remaining 364 days…) :slight_smile:

Before entering EU, Scandinavian countries were really the envy of other countries for things like their SEMCO and NEMCO certifications. Everyone loved to buy electronics, and those marks identified the safest devices. Safety in electronic devices and rights of women were the best match for geeks like me, enamored at the same time of computers and tall blondes.

Now that those rules have been swallowed up by the CE mark, Scandinavian identity has been lost. All we are left with, are the indecipherable instructions by Ikea, and even less hope to be cared by Swedish women as exotic strangers :frowning:

One of my friends has to thank Swedes each days for her old Volvo. It’s the only car long enough to let her load her huge sculptures, and the only truck that can steer on the curvy roads of our hilly region. Maybe Julian can steal one of these out of the tribunal, and start an epic escape through the snowy roads of Northern Sweden.


Please go on for hours, its that long since i last heard the gospel of hypocrites. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aren’t you the guy who wanted to move to Spain?

Besides the fact that this regulation represents a sort of climax of illogicality, the impression we got from what was reported around Mr Assange’s amorous adventures rather was that sex itself is illegal in Sweden, and that as a man you better refrain from having sex at all. At least not with a woman.

That’s sort of true in most developed countries. Ie, sex is an assault, although consent is a defence. The distinction lies in the delicate balance between burdens of proof. Most developed countries go with the idea of not sending someone to jail unless it’s beyond reasonable doubt.

Phew, I thought you were being serious for a moment there! (Give me A-Ha any day.)

Hmm … or let’s say the person A sells him/herself for sex with person B for 500 Euros; at the same time, person B sells him/herself for sex with person A for 1 Euro … they’ve both sold sex, so have they broken the law? The sort of problem you can argue about to fill the long, dark hours of the non-summer-days.

Mr X

Ah, damn, you caught me. Of course the whole thing is joke. I wrote it last night at 2 am after watching a Swedish documentary about Julian Assenge. where they accuse Julian of being a great manipulator attacking our nice little country. In fact I think that many Swedish people are very complacent and really think of themselves as best in the world. I have been irritated about this attitude for years, and when I saw that program yesterday I tried to formulate how these people actually see themselves and tried to argue as they would. But I shouldn’t have mentiones Swedish music, that revealed me :imp: .

BTW xiamenese, your argument is only theoretical. One of the persons is a male the other is a female. The male would be guilty, but not the female. According to Swedish logic, male have through the history exploited woman. In practice no woman will have to go to jail for buying sex from a male, because such things do not happen and if they happen, they happen because she has been manipulated by the male. From a logical viewpoint you can argue against this but the logic plays no role in Swedish courts. And we wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

In a more complex situation if both persons are female, then none would be guilty, and if both persons were male, both would be guilty. But they probably would not go to jail for it, but only pay fines to the Swedish state.

Sorry, we Americans already hold that title. Just ask any of us.


It’s got to be middle earth [wherever that may be]

If you are a foreigner in Sweden and you have had sex with Swedish women who accuse you of rape, then you are automatically guilty unless you can prove your innocence beyond any reasonable doubt. Billy Butt and Tito Beltran are two persons with foreign roots that have been convicted and put prison although a native Swedish male would probably not have been convicted. In the case of Tito Beltran, the girl who accused him of rape, didn’t say anything for eight years after the sex act with Tito Beltran happened. But after eight years she went to police and said that she was raped by Tito Beltran 8 years ago. Tito was put on trial and convicted. He has several time appealed to supreme court in Sweden but no luck.

Billy Butt is a foreign music producer who has been accused of rapes by women who he had promised a music career that never happened. He had to serve 5 years in prison, although many human rights activists have pointed out that there never has been any rape. In fact many of the women that made rape accusation later took back the accusations, but to no avail, Swedish justice system can not be questioned. Billy Butt has made 10 appeals to supreme court, and actually the 10th time two of the judges were in favor of his appeal, but three were against.

Even Swedish born male sometimes get caught by false sex accusations. One surgeon, divorced a women that he was married to. In order to take revenge she accused him of incest with their 2 year old daughter. He was arrested but could prove that he was innocent beyond reasonable doubt. But this didn’t stop the women. After reading in newspaper that a prostitute had been murdered and cut up with a scalpel, she made a hours long interview with her 2 year old daughter, where the daughter after instructions from her mother could fantasize about the various things that she might have experienced. In one of her fantasies she told about two goblins that have hurt a nice lady. The woman took the tapes to a psychiatrist that said that the girl must have witnessed a murder by her father and his college (the two goblins) who murdered the prostitute (the nice lady). The woman and the psychiatrist showed the tapes to a prosecutor who accused the father and his college of murdering the prostitute. The two surgeons were convicted and their medical licenses were taken away from them. That happened many decades ago, and the two surgeons are to this very day trying to get justice. Even the people in the justice system say that they were falsely accused, that the only evidence was fantasies of a 2 year old girl, but to no avail, the Swedish justice system can not be wrong. How can the worlds best justice system ever be wrong?

There are many more cases proving that Swedish justice system is full of glaring incompetence, naiveté and opportunism within the police and judicial system. For still another case read The lawyer who should have protected his client used his power instead to get his client convicted and made a career was none other then Claes Borgstrom. For his brilliant work of neglected to protect his mentally disturbed client’s objective interests in being judged not guilty, he was appointed by the Swedish government as the Equality Ombudsman. Now this brilliant lawyer, Claes Borgstrom, is the man who is representing the two Swedish woman that accused Assange of rape. He wants Assenge convicted for “what he has done”. I would also want him to be convicted for “what he has done”, not assange, but Mr Borgstrom.

So not to make this saga too long. Mr Assange has nothing to fear from Swedish judicial system.

Breathtaking. Thanks for the warning. I’ve been to Sweden once, will never set my foot in it again.

Andreas, it was not my intention to scare you. Sweden is in many ways a lovely country, and I love my country dearly. Yes also the Swedish summers. When it is 40 degrees Celsius in July in Spain, I do appreciate 25 degrees in Sweden. And when it comes to unspoiled nature, all the lakes and forests where you can roam for hours without seeing any other person, but a lot of wild life, Sweden is unbeatable. Many, many people visit Sweden every year, and only a handful of them are being put in jail for rape, and most of them do deserve it. The chances of you, being innocent and put in jail falsely accused ,is very slim.

There are stupid, naive, mean and evil people, everywhere, Sweden and France not excluded. The reason that you can get into a Swedish jail while being innocent is because the Swedish justice system is full of glaring incompetence, naiveté and opportunism. Read Stieg Larsson’s three Millennium books: “The girl with the dragon Tattoo”, “The Girl Who Played with Fire” and “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest”, and you will understand how these things work in Sweden.

I think that the main reason why Julian Assange is accused of rape is not because they think that he is guilty, but because they (prosecutor, lawyer, etc) would like to get international reputation. “Why if I could get Julian Assange” convicted, that would make me very popular among many influential people in USA, and I might get international top jobs.", is their reasoning. That has happened many times before, for instance Anders Fogh Rasmussen who got Danish people to participate in Iraqi war and was awarded with job as the Secretary General of NATO.

But do not fear even if you go to jail in Sweden. I have been in jail* in many countries, and let me assure you that Swedish prisons are the best in the world.

*As security expert, not as a customer.

Well, no need to be so dramatic. If you really need sex while on vacation, just keep with you a girl that is not from Sweden.