The best file manager for macOS just got better: Forklift 3

Of all the software I use on my machines, a file manager is by far the most frequently used and one of the most critical. Like many other Mac users, I find Apple’s Finder to be lacking in many ways. But I also grew up using dual pane file managers on the Amiga and DOS, and I find dual pane file management to be much more streamlined (the broad number of dual-pane managers on every OS suggests I ain’t alone). It is on sale over the next 6 days, at $19.95


Forklift is a dual-pane file manager that is fast and sleek with a whole stack of critical features and has been around for a good many years. It also has what many people think is the fastest s/FTP remote files engine on macOS. Forklift 3 has just been released and it is a stellar upgrade. The upgrade highlights are good support for Git status, integration with Dropbox, better two-way folder Sync, a return of the fast Preview pane (which even enables editing for simple files!!!). And as a fan of dark mode apps, FL3 has a very nice implementation (it also has a normal light mode too, you can switch instantly):

Couldn’t agree more. I had a problem with ForkLift 2—for some reason it simply wouldn’t connect to the server I need the most—but version 3 has solved that, so it’s time to say goodbye to Transmit, which has served me well for even longer than ForkLift has been around.

ForkLift Version 3 is indeed stellar!


Crikey, that does look nice. Great post OP!