The Cursor Moves By Itself!

I am doing some editing and this is happening consistently.Whenever I encounter a possessive (such as character’s or antagonist’s, just to give you an example) and I go to change it to something else (from say character’s to hero’s) by putting the cursor behind the apostrophe and delete the letters to the left, as I begin the deletion, the cursor automatically moves in front of the apostrophe… BY ITSELF, EVERY SINGLE TIME. It is getting really annoying! How do I get it to stop?

This is a Scrivener thing. I tried to replicate the matter in several other apps to no avail.


Hmm, if you turn smart quotes off, in the Substitutions submenu in the main Edit menu, does the problem still occur? I would also try against a “dumb” straight quote that you type in a test as well, while it is off.

If that stops the cursor moving, what version of macOS are you using, since that system is part of the OS rather than something Scrivener is doing all by itself.

Seen similar behaviour. Tested it in TextEdit with the same unwated result. It’s a bug in the Apple routine(s) that are at the heart of Scrivener.

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That’s really odd. It doesn’t happen to me in the text app.

Nothing has changed… This is so annoying.