The demise of Scrivener Gold


In case you were wondering where the Scrivner Gold forum or web page have gone… Well, I have finally retired Scrivener Gold for good. As most of you know, it was an unfinished early version of Scrivener, a sort of experimental version; the sandbox in which I learned how to put Scrivener together properly. It was fully functional but not entirely finished, and it is now a couple of years old and untested on Leopard. More importantly, it causes too many problems with Scrivener itself. Given that both use the same file format - .scriv projects - you could accidentally open a Scrivener project in Scrivener Gold and irrevocably corrupt your project. For these reasons, along with the fact that I am unable to support it, I have decided to withdraw it from the site.

All the best,

Sounds quite logical. But I am sad to see it go. It was my very first introduction to the world of Scrivener. In fact, I used Scr. Gold before there officially was a Scrivener! Goodbyes are sad, but it sounds like it is time. Thanks for letting us know!


As they say on MetaFilter:


Good move. I suggested it myself a couple months back after seeing all the trouble Gold was causing. And really, Scrivener (platinum?) is so good, why even have an inferior version out there sullying your reputation? The demo terms are generous, and anyone who uses it ought to pay for it. Gold had its time and its role in making the real thing possible, but let’s consign it to nostalgia land along with OS9, WriteNow, colorful iMacs and [insert favorite obsolete app here].

s/insert favorite obsolete app here/windows/

s/insert favorite obsolete app here/word/

Now do you see what you ahve started? What are you trying to do to me? Turn me into vic-k?


but … but …


Like losing an old friend

So when was ‘windows’ EVER your favorite app?? Seems incomprehensible! :wink:


As hard as it is to believe 3.11 with the winsock option was very good. Fast, flexible. Macs at the time were a bit tough to get due to $$. I found that 99% of the time M$ could get the job done.

Not any more.

Yes, on the not any more! 8) I remember that incarnation of Windows. I was doing a lot of programming in Access to create a database for an editor I worked for at the time. Can’t say I loved it. But it was pretty clean to work in. Not too many glitches.

Windows I always found depressing. Could be the OVERUSE of the dark color blue in the GUI (what color is used to describe something depressing?)

At least DOS seemed more “nerdy” and functional.

Macs I always loved and managed to somehow get my hands on one.

Just never found Windows enticing ever. Oh well Jaysen has been known to make odd choices in life.

After all he moved North.


No longer ‘Scrivener Gold’, but ‘Scrivener Mold’. (snare roll and canned laugh track)

…is it possible for code to go rotten? Oh, wait. Windows did just that very thing many years back.