The forum lost its styles

The forum has lost it styles. Safari, Firefox, OmniWeb - all display forum pages with minimal styling.

As noted in a different thread, the L&L host is migrating the site to “bigger and badder” (those are technical terms) servers. KB has opened a support ticket with them. Hopefully it will be pretty again soon.

In the mean time just consider the current look as a quick glimpse into the minds of those numbers in +3 category. Lots of glaring, debilitating white space, 90’s vintage formating, and everything important all crammed together. Suddenly our behavior makes sense, doesn’t it?

Actually I’m not migrating - I migrated a couple of months ago, but I was warned that there may be some issues while they ironed out glitches on the bigger and better servers. I’m still waiting to hear back from Dreamhost for a resolution to the issue. Thanks for your patience.
All the best,

They got the “badder” part down pat.


Good luck with that trouble ticket KB!!


Sorry KB. I misinterpreted the status. I knew about the move to DH I thought you were doing an internal migrate within DH. Feel free to banish me from all non-vic-k conversations.

Keep in mind that taking action of that nature may leave you open to accusations of cruel and unusual punishment.

I see the old symptoms are beginning to manifest themselves once more.
Perhaps ECT would prove beneficial.
Do take care,
Dr. Mulality