"The forums ARE a part of Scrivener"

So said Jaysen in a different thread.

I think he’s right. As such, it might be a good feature to have an inbuilt forum reader etc in the iOS app. I’m not sure if that’s easily done or not, but a native forum subapp instead of looking at the forum through a mobile Internet browser might be a really useful addition!

Sorry to come blustering in as a brand new customer, but I really, really don’t want this in the iOS Scrivener. Apart from creating an unnecessary distraction (lack of distraction is one of the best things about the iPad), plugging in features like this would add time and complexity to development and testing. Also, anyone can do forums by opening a browser.

or create an optimized scriv forum reader.

For the record the phpbb forum blows hairballs all over the place when used on iOS. That is my technical evaluation. If you don’t like the anology then you need to spend more time with long haired cats.

Tapatalk does a plugin. I don’t know whether there’s a cost associated with the plugin, but there’s certainly a cost associated with buying the app. Anyway, it exists.

Being ‘brand new’ doesn’t make your opinions less valid so no worries there.

Re not wanting it: I agree it’s not as fundamental as, say, the binder, but unless adding ANY functionality made the rest of the program work less well then I’d suspect a ‘if you don’t need it, just don’t use it’ approach is better than to actively champion it’s removal.

If it is a disproportionately difficult thing to add, though, that’s a different story

Doesn’t importing the forum with “Dynamic Web” mode suffice? You get the forum in a split and it works within a session anyway for logging in and posting.

Hey Ioa, havebt spoken to you in a while. Hope you are well!

Re the forum mode, I was thinking on the iPhone mainly! So something better than browser viewing.

for me I want a true stripped version. And no, not one where vic-k frightens us with his birthday suit, but a version that is just the central portion (too lazy to get the div name). Strip the annoying sigs (particularly the img type). I could go on, but no one really cars and I am too lazy to do it myself.

Sounds a lot like the print version. Granted you can’t browse in printer mode, but once you get to a thread you can tap that printer icon at the top, beneath the search field, to get a very basic text output. No sigs, no fluff. Hmm, I’ll see if there is a theme we can install and enable as a CP preference. I browse the forum on touch devices sometimes and do agree it’s not optimsed for that. Those little orange “Latest Unread Post” rectangles that are so useful require a lot of zooming in to hit.

And yes, all is well. :slight_smile: Been busy with ruminating about mobile interfaces, actually.

While I quite like the idea of having access to the forums on an iPad, I don’t feel it’s a feature that will deliver enough of a benefit to spend time implementing, testing and supporting it, not when stacked up against the other existing (and new) features we want to implement.

The forums work well enough on the iPad (I’m on mine right now) and it’ll be certainly possible to swap between safari and our app using iOS’s multitasking.

Also, if (and I hope we will) be able to implement an in app browser, you’ll maybe be able to use the forums from in the app without us doing any bespoke development.

Actually I think the option should be a $5 app for IOS. A Scriv exclusive forum reader. Here are the features:
• the uncluttered view of actual threads that I mentioned
• the ability to have a “preferred forums” view. Ex: I only want Mac and “Now” in my main window
• the ability to see all forums for those rare occasions where I need to look up something for that os.

  • the ability to lest “threads with new posts” (think the new posts link on the full site) but have it only look in the “preferred forums” listed above

If you want my $5 now, make it available to me as a premium forum. It isn’t that I hate those other forums, but I don’t use the OS, I don’t care about the issues they are really having, and I really only want to see the Mac related stuff. The “now for” forum is a non-tech place in my mind so I want to see all of it.

So much for mellowing out as I age.

Says the man with the longest sig ever!

Note I said all sigs. The thing with img sigs is that you can not control the size without using client side scaling. Read that as CPU, GPU and MEM use. Bad juju when you are talking lower powered hand held devices. The compromise position for this is well beyond this discussion and is that a mobile extension be developed for phpbb that includes a “mobi-sig” of no more than 20 char.

See, I am an equal opportunity jerk.