The Future of Medicine

A satirical look at how private equity is taking over medicine and exploiting the altruistic sentiments of physicians to increase the profit of unethical capitalists (as opposed to ethical ones) at the expense of the most vulnerable section of society – sick people.

Unfortunately, it is not the future, it is the present. The future is now.


It is offputting to go to a topic and see only an aggressive looking face at the presumed onset of a video. Some text describing the content, at least a bit, is very helpful. (who is the guy, what is the key message). Lacking this, why should I waste my time finding out what he has to say.

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Sometimes you just gotta take a chance in life and press play. :innocent:

@Orpheus Thank you for sharing, I’d never heard of Dr Glaucomflecken before. He’s both funny and scary as hell.


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Never mind the latte. Now I need a liter of scotch, rye … or maybe absinthe …

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Don’t do anything that may require medical attention. :rofl:

Your wish is my command.

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Often, L&L is one of the first websites I visit. When I came across this I was in a hurry and did not have time to take a closer look; but because I am a physician (retired) I was interested in what it might contain. The description, added later, helps a lot in deciding if it is worthwhile to read/watch.
Now, having watched it, it makes me sick. I am a Canadian physician and, while I did not get rich, I am quite comfortable and I rarely worried about the cost to the patient; they got what they needed. Because of reasonably priced compulsory provincial health insurance, health care costs were largely free. We do have problems, drug costs, long wait times sometime, but if the issue is really urgent (MI, stroke, accident), the care is there, and the patient doesn’t worry about the price, they are not going to lose their house, or spend all their life savings, to pay the bill.

I practiced in a golden age of medicine. If you consider the really difficult problems of climate change and all its consequences, and resource depletion, the future of medicine is much more bleak.

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