The Great Illusive v.3 for Windows

Is any other Scrivener user getting a little tired of waiting for v.3 for Windows? It’s been like two years they’ve been promising this. Last ‘drop-dead’ date for release they gave us was I think the end of August 2019. They’ve since revised that to “we’re not going to give you a target release date anymore”, I guess because they couldn’t meet their own ever-changing targets.

And I noticed the forums on Literature & Latte are basically just a shooting gallery for the fanboys to gang up on anyone even the least bit critical of Scrivener and/or the waiting game for the v.3, so it’s basically useless to vent an opinion on their site. Even the developers and CS people for Scrivener can be downright rude and condescending to the customer base.

I’m beginning to wonder: is it even worth it any more? Is it time to kiss Scrivener goodbye and finally move on?