The Gun Runner's Daughter

Just finished enjoying this very different thriller type thing, set mostly in New York, but also with a touch of Europe and mention of other places.

This is the second book by the author, Neil Gordon. I haven’t seen the first.

In the process of thrilling, the book gets into such interesting topics as ethics, honesty and truth, patriotism, racism, Zionism/Israel, real politik, and the reality of politics.

Some of these subjects are pretty sensitive in the normal course of events; this author just weighs right in with the king hit and let’s you, as reader, bear the consequences. No explaining away, no attempt to mitigate the racism accusation in any specific way, for example. The complete response to it is right there in the story, but the author, sensibly, leaves the reader to understand what’s going on and draw her or his own conclusions.

Highly recommended. :smiley:

Cheers, Geoff

Geoffrey Heard, Business Writer & Publisher

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