****THE ILIAD!!**** HELP

Why does Helen wish she had been swept away by the storm on the day of her birth?
How do her words reveal the difference between her and her husband, Paris?

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This site may be helpful: classicspage.com/

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Helen wishes she had been swept away by the storm on the day of her birth because it turned out that the storm actually swept the people it swept away not so much “away” as to a wonderful tropical paradise where everyone could eat snack cakes all day and never get fat. They also were treated to free drinks with umbrellas in them.
Helen only learned this many years later after being diagnosed with a severe form of elephantism. You can well understand her wish, I expect, in retrospect.

Her words, “I’m over here, you’re over there, you jerk…” reveal a geographic difference between her and her husband, Paris.

I hope these notes have been helpful.

That is such a naive, one-dimensional, literal interpretation of the dialogue. There are far more layers to it than that.

She was actually making a socio-political comment on the French Revolution, which was taking place at about the same time, and in a slightly different place.

Katie, I think the treatment you are receiving here is a little unsavoury, so I have done some further research on the inter-web for you, which roughly equates to my own interpretation when I last chilled to the Iliad on my iPod:

It is a reliable source, mendosa.com/history.html
The website is managed by an English-History teacher.


Whats an Iliad ?

Is it a tool that you hit things with or an opportunity to say Aeneas (anus) to your teacher on several occasions ?


We get that opportunity in science all the time!

Well, iliac would be from the Latin for entrails, so an Iliad would certainly be some sort of major advertising campaign for these entrails.


P.S. Poor Katie.

So is the iliac similar to the sacred illiac which is worshipped all over the world ?

Going off on a tangent. This interweb thing could become quite big. I mean we could buy books or book holidays on it. I wonder if anybody else has thought of that ?


Who owes a debt, of course, to Sellar and Yeatman’s 1066 and all that, which popularized the art of condensing the memorable parts of history from developing little minds, and making money from it.

When you get to the Odyssey part of your course, you might want to rent O Brother Where Art Thou. It’s quite faithful to the book, and has lots of toe-tapping tunes that will become mnemonically useful in exams.

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