The language used.

I generally write in British English.
Currently I have to set the language each time I’m writing. This is not permanent. The programme automatically reverts to Automatic.
It would be good to have a document setting which permanently fixes the language of a particular project.
Thanks. Alan.

Hi Alan,

Scrivener uses your system settings for spelling. To change it to British English, go to your System Preferences, choose “Language & Text”, select the “Text” tab, and change “Spelling” from “Automatic by Language” to “British English”. This will tell programs on your system to use British English by default from now on. Then quit and relaunch Scrivener and it should now use “British English” instead of “Automatic by Language”.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

The solution of setting the language for spell check at operating system level is not ideal.

Language ought to be an attribute of the text, not the operating system. I reside in the USA, and my OS language is set to US English but my current Scrivener project is in UK English. I may also have quotes in other languages in my text.

Looks like I will have to remember to switch language at the OS level every time I work on this project, or do without spell checking.

That’s the point of “Automatic by Language” - it allows you to write in different languages. The way spelling languages work is determined by OS X rather than Scrivener, though.