The latest Creative Writing software

In 1993.


Can’t wait for such powerful tools to be made available to the general public.
I should swear more ; fill up that jar.

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I wonder what people in 2053 will say when watching Scrivener videos. I’m certain they keep creating something – at least as a hobby – tackling the same issues of organization, story structure, plot and character development, grammar, formatting (100% sure screenplays won’t change anytime soon), etc. … as those folks in 1993.

They’ll laugh at the idea of having a screen rather than having augmented reality directly implanted in their eyes.
They’ll laugh at the idea of a mouse and keyboard ; all the while their writing app adding “Ha ha ha’s” to their current document.

Not so sure about that. I mean, I laughed about mice back in the 80s… Screens and keyboards are still with us, files, printers (anyone remember the “paperless office of the future”?).


Yeah, they’re still with us (why were you laughing in the 80’s ? Got your machine set for the wrong year ?), but I am sure they won’t anymore by 2053.

[Edit] There. I just went and checked. Been there from 2052 to 2054: saw no screens nor mouse nor keyboards.

You went to the future and came back to get this information… instead of next week’s lottery numbers? What’s wrong with you! :joy:

But we’ll see. I have a suspicion that we might keep certain formats alive, because they just work, and somehow recreate them in a different medium (like “holding” a piece of paper in a virtual 3D environment).

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Instead of screens, they’ll be green “placements” in shopping malls, bus stops and along the highway, showing personalized advertisement.
Paper will still exist, only green and showing what it is set to show. (You’ll own one sheet and it’ll be enough.)
Books (all green as well) will actually have a cover and a single page. Newspapers gone.

Of course, those denizens of the future will all be channeling Scrivener 2053, so they will look on those early videos with a profound sense of no-stalgia (sentimental remembrance-like attachment to things before one’s time) mixed with pity and pride for all those rough-hewn early users.

Fun fact: in Scrivener 2053, Scrivenings View is a for-real view. It is incredibly useful to be able to scrub through the generative video of your novel-in-progress! That embarrassing typo where Buck Mulligan seems to jump off Martello Tower at the beginning of Ulysses would never have made it to print in 2053!

In case you are wondering, Scrivener 2053 is backward compatible with all prior versions — which is how I am able to communicate back to all you Scrivener 3 users. I just set my Compile for 2023 and …


Then I have a little request. I would be eternally grateful to you…
Would you be so kind as to compile the whole of the novels I published post 2023 back to me?

I’ve always dreamed of being famous AND procrastinate.
(I’m still working on the famous part. Just so you know, and that I don’t sound like a – you know.)

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Totally. Good idea. Only, I am a little bit famous here, you see, and do procrastinate a bit.

Also, whatever it is you actually said, I didn’t hear that. See, I can post to 2023 easily enough, but I can’t hear anything you say back then. Darn it.

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