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Understand Apple is working on a new gadget, which will be called the iNSERT. About the size of a pepppercorn, iNSERT is designed to be implanted in the human skull. As you might imagine, this limits the market inasmuch as professional services, typically running into the $2750 range, are required for placement.

Prices will drop sharply and sales will soar, however, if Apple is able to get FDA approval for user placement in existing anatomical fissures.


[size=150]Quelle!!? Mon cul hirsute!![/size]

[size=150]Le D[/size]

I do see implants realistically as being the next stage of computing. Terms like ‘in the cloud’ will be eventually be replaced by ‘in my head/brain/thoughts’…I give it 10 years.

This thread has me itching to write a sci fi story about this…

… just be careful where you scratch.


And with what!! :open_mouth:

Back and butt scratching are indeed art forms I must admit. There are part of the creative process…

I can’t see this as a viable option in the future, not in a society as obsessed with privacy and as fearful of government/corporate intrusion as this is.

If an implant computer were able to be controlled by a person’s thoughts, then that implant could read people’s thoughts. There’d be no guarantee that outside mechanisms wouldn’t exist to download what you’ve thought into the computer.

You’re dead right there, comrade. The man in the street isn’t that gullible, is he? :confused: … is he? :open_mouth: Nahh … nahh.

Well, I suppose if they’re so stupid as to want whatever is given just because it has that little ‘i’ at the front of the product name, then their thoughts probably aren’t valuable enough to need to hide from anyone, either government- or corporate-related.

My gut instinct is to agree with you, but whizzing round my hollow cranial cavity, is a saying I’ve always attributed to the indigenous inhabitants of deepest, darkest Lancashire, here in the UK: ‘Ehhh lad, tha knows, there’s nowt s’ queer as folk’.

Circa 1980, I read a certain SF novel, and when I’d finished I gave it to my wife to read. The following morning she threw it on the breakfast table, “Uugh!”, she said, “can’t be doing with that rubbish!”
“What’s wrong with it?”
“On the third or fourth page, there’s this fella lying in bed, and his phone rings. He picks it up and starts talking to the other party, AND HE"S LOOKING AT THEM ON THE BLOODY PHONE!! HE CAN SEE THE OTHER PERSON. I can’t handle silly, creepy, weird fantasy stuff like that.”
NOW?!! She’d rather go out without knickers and bra, than be without her iPhone. And she’s in her 70s! You can hear her all over the house when her family from the Auld Sod, FaceTime her umpteen times a week. My point being, how long does it take for any given concept that we perceive, at the moment, as being totally beyond the pale, to be nudged into acceptability, by familiarity and burgeoning so called unacceptable concepts/philosophies, seen to be the current tribal misfits stomping around beyond the Pale.
I mean, when you consider the crimes against common sense that, legions of copywriters, are responsible for, a Brain implant that makes you irresistible to the opposite sex …OKOKOK!! in the spirit of egalitarianism, the same sex, too. Could happen :open_mouth:

When a device threatens to be able to transfer your thoughts and memories to an outside party for them to do with as they please, I would think that there would be some sort of backlash. But, if all of the “epic fail” youtube videos are to be taken as a measuring stick for today’s civilization, maybe the majority of society doesn’t give a crap about this.

I wonder, though, if a device can take thoughts from you, how difficult would it be to switch the input and output?

Hold up, Vic-k, I thought from the way you post you were a youngin. If your wife is in her 70s, then unless you’re into very old women, you can’t be that much young. I’m amazed at how full of life your posts generally are. My dad can’t work a radio, let alone a computer so, props me ol’ bruv.

As for the contents of this discussion, well, if y’all can’t see brain implants as being fodder for good sci-fi, you should attend some creative writing seminars and flex your imaginative muscles because they are too encased in this world we call real, yo.

That capacity will be a design feature and and come preinstalled … but you won’t know about it. Anyway, it’s already happening. Walk past Harvey Nichols upmarket Dept. Store, and the brain in your phone will alert you to the fact that, the store you are in front of at this very moment, knows you are there , and it wants you to know that there are, ‘Sexy Little Black’ numbers’ especially designed for Football’s Wives&Girlfriends now on sale, REDUCED by 75% … down from some astronomical figure, to a mere pittance. Your text from Harvey Niccs, goes on to point out, that your sweetheart will never forgive you, if she finds out that you didn’t buy her one. It’s happening now.

yosi baby, I’ve always been attracted to the older woman. :frowning: it’s been my downfall. My wife is 72 I’m 71, at least until early October. She say my youth and boyish imimaturity is what she likes about me.

Now you’re not paying attention … you’re skimming the posts in these threads. I have no problem whatsoever, visualising mankind’s inexorable, lemming like lunge toward the crumbling edge of the Technological Abyss. or … should I say … the [size=150]iAbyss!!![/size]

At 71. And so sharp! Hooooly crap!

I’m 1/3 your age. So u r correct to call me Yosi baby relatively.

Yeah anyways didn’t mean to insult anyone by my comments about creativity. It’s just that it my belief that this type of ‘discussion’ shouldn’t be a discussion at all but should should be reserved for serious personal scrivener thought and not the pigeon shit most of us write on these forums.

At 71. And so sharp! Hooooly crap!
Crap being the operative word in this instance, aptly describing the nights sleep I barely got, and the brain dead state I’m in as I language mangle this work of literary genius.

I’m 1/3 your age. So u r correct to call me Yosi baby relatively. The term ‘baby’ in this context is not a reference to your tender years, but more a byproduct of a relationship, assumed by one party to be friendly and easygoing, encapsulated in the cut-n-thrust of happy banter and cheeky repartee e.g. Fred play a trick on Joaquin that misfires and pisses Joaquin off. As a consequence, Fred pleads with his buddy for forgiveness, “Joaqy baby, I’m sorry. It was only a joke.”
“OK, I for give you”, Joaqy baby says, after he throws a punch and flattens Fred’s nose.

Yeah anyways didn’t mean to insult anyone by my comments about creativity. It’s just that it my belief that this type of ‘discussion’ shouldn’t be a discussion at all but should should be reserved for serious personal scrivener thought and not the pigeon shit most of us write on these forums. [i]Three things come immediately to my miasmic cloud enshrouded mind:

  1. You need to lighten up a bit, after all this forum is:[/i]
    And Now For That Latte
    I was once asked to write down three negative traits about myself. I wrote: “1. Procrastination.” Feel free to procrastinate to your heart’s content by discussing whatever you want here.
    2) One man’s pigeon shit may very well prove to be another man’s source of inspiration … the catalyst required to set him off on a quest for Authordom.
    3)You sound as though you are advocating Scriv becomes some batshit boring geeky, nerdy hell. There’s nothing wrong with serious, meaningful enquiry and debate pertaining to Scriv’s purpose and technical functioning, dotted here and there with snatches of comedic brilliance (OK puerile, asinine, juvenile jokes). If you’re unable to step back and have a chuckle, I reckon you’re too close to the canvas.
    On that note, I’m off to create a
    culinary masterpiece

Ciao Bambino :blush: sorry, couldn’t resist that … I am silly. tch! tch!

Oh, pigeon shit, pigeon shit, where art thou?
Splattering my thoughts, my butt takes a bow,
Pigeon shit, pigeon shit, dost thou gold
Keep thyself young and from getting old.

The question you have to answer, agent yosimiti, before the Thread disappears under a mountain of guano:
Are you parodying the bird, or, are you parodying the Bard?

Talking of pigeons, does anyone know what, where and how is the esteemed Wock. It’s a long, long time since he deposited here. I hope he’s just lurking in the branches above waiting for the perfect target to appear.



Neither. Just being silly is all.

Unfortunately, Mark, I don’t think he is. I’ve PMed him a on a couple of occasions, but they remained in my outbox. Last time I checked when he last visited the forum, he hadn’t been around for ages, I’ll check again, when I post this.
Take care
I’ve just checked, and it was: Last active:Fri Jul 18, 2014 1:57 am. I’m just hoping he’s had a life style change that precludes, literary endeavours and pfffffaphing about with a load of congenital procrastinators on t’internet! :confused: