The Lovely Bones

From what I’ve read, the film isn’t worth seeing but having just finished the book I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Alice Sebold (an author I’ve never come across before) does a fantastic job of combining first person with third person perspective, weaving a tale which on the face of it has a simple plot but exquisitely explores the nuances of character development and subtly links all the perspectives to produce a gem of literary work.

Reading the book in 2 sittings, stopping only for sleep (I started it late yesterday) by the end of it I had tears running down my face (they started half way through) and finding myself reflecting on the fact that if I ever produce something half as good it’ll be time well spent however long it takes.

In short, cannot recommend highly enough. As for the film - well I’ll probably see it at some point but even reading the book it’s evident that it’s not a tale that is easy to portray in visual form.

It’s a work which will stay with you for some considerable time after finishing it. Much like ‘Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah’ by Richard Bach, it finds a place inside you whereby it becomes part of you, if that makes sense.

Do yourself a favour, buy it, read it and weep.


Yep totally agree. It was a great read, love her style of writing :smiley: