The m dash seems too long to my eye

I’ve been keying in two dashes which are changed atomatically to an m dash in Scrivener3 (same in Scrivener2), but the dash has always seemed too long to my eye. So I tried >option and >dash and the resulting n dash looks just right, compared to the short dash and the overlong m dash. I wonder if the seemingly long length of Scrivener’s m dash is for ease of viewing and that when compiled into other formats, it will be the “normal” size? I’m using Mac OS 10.15.4 but this was the case in previous versions of the OS. Can someone clarify, please?

The M-dash is set by the font, not Scrivener; in some fonts it is almost indistinguishable from a hyphen. If you don’t like it, try a different font.



Mark–Thanks. That makes so much sense.

You probably know this, but on a Mac Shift+Option+Minus will give you an em-dash. Option+Minus will give you an en-dash. As Mark says, the length of each will vary by font.