The Manual (need an A5 or 6x9in version)

Is it possible to get a smaller physical version of the manual?
Say, 6in x 9 in, or A5?
That way it could be printed for reference.
Or, if L&L used LaTeX to create the pdf, could the LaTeX source be posted?

Have you tried downloading the A4 PDF from and then scaling it down using the print dialogue box in Preview? I’ve just tried it with a sample page and the text is small, but legible.

BTW, I’d try it out on a couple of pages first — the full manual has 526 pages…

A4 is unwieldy, which is why I asked. I had the manual printed commercially.
I don’t know what L&L used to create the pdf; if they used LaTeX it’s a more or less trivial matter to change the page size.
It’s a mess with other programs.

The Scrivener manual was created in Scrivener, using Multimarkdown for final output. You can download the project file here:


Yes, but just because you downloaded the PDF A4 version doesn’t mean to say you have to print it out in A4, which is why I suggested you simply scale it down to A5 yourself – or a commercial printer will do it for you if you prefer. The text is smaller of course, but I found it perfectly legible and it’s an exact copy of the original, so you’ll be able to follow every reference on this forum to ‘page xxx in the manual’…

With my printer I had to change one setting in the Preview app Print Dialogue. You can change the values in the LaTeX if you want. but there’s no need.

I used jpdftweak to reduce the A4 to A5 and ordered a printing (not publishing) through Lulu, which was only $8 or so.
Lulu’s wizard complained that the images were not 300 dpi, that transparencies needed to be flattened (they did this automatically) and that font sizes smaller than 6 points won’t print reliably.

When I get the bound copy I’ll report back in case anyone else is interested.

Here are photographs of the Scrivener manual as printed by Lulu; 6x9.
It came out quite well, scaling of the page size does not affect readability at all.
Why doesn’t L&L make this available in their store? I could make it a public file on Lulu and set the price at cost. But I don’t want to have to deal with the accounting issue of non-profit sales. If there’s interest I could post the scaled version for 6x9 which you could then print wherever there’s an Espresso Book machine or via Lulu. Or Crane’s duplicating. Or…?

Here are the images:

Here’s the link if the inline html doesn’t work: