The margins of merged documents

I find that by default nearly all my documents have a visual margin between text blocks and the panel divider to the left. New documents also have that margin. And it looks fine.

The ruler shows that the start of the line is at 0, and has a gray zone to the left, above the visual margin.

I find that when documents are merged, the new doc loses the margin, and its text is right up against the left panel divider. I can’t quite interpret what the ruler is telling me about the merged new document. It no longer has the gray zone to the left.

When documents are split, both the original and the split retain their margin settings – and also the way they display, if those are not the same thing…? .

Is this a setting somewhere? I haven’t changed any settings related to margins, etc. I see the same thing with documents in the Tutorial. I doesn’t seem to be an indent indent.

It almost seems like a display thing, like it might correct with a screen redraw. But it seems to attach to the document, across different viewings, like a document setting. If I .copy all the text from the merged doc into a new doc, which has margins, it appears as “normal.”

In scrivenings, these documents appear as expected, aligned with all the others.

Screenshot, please?

It sounds like you’re comparing Page View to not-Page View, but it’s hard to say without seeing it.


It would be easier to see with a larger block of text, and without a first line indent. But the left most “column” of text is flush with the left panel wall following a merge. That’s with a new project with all default settings. The editor is split.

It should be easier to see in this example. (Not sure why the image is coming through at such a large scale.)


Thank you for that, it’s very helpful. That looks like a bug. Please open a support ticket, here:

Include a link to this thread.


Thanks, Katherine. Done!