The mind doth boggle--Goggle--Google--G...truly … ated-guide

Where ever will it all end? :open_mouth:


End? End, Furball? It’s only just beginning. :confused:

You’ve said it, and the potential end is terrifying … … elves.html … nting.html


SMART ASS embly !! Nowt new about that. Spent thirty years as hairy-assed-welder doing exactly that. … res-online

boggle-boggle :open_mouth:

People, please. Enough of this deconstructive behavior.
Get with the program.
Put yourselves together.
I mean, pull yourselves… pull…

HTTP Error 404 - File or directory not found.

boggle boggle!! :open_mouth: … ivacy-risk :confused: :cry:


I would trade Google Glass for Google Reader, :neutral_face: but one of those is made my a company that no longer exists.

I bet its biggest use will be POV porn