The more I learn about Beta, the more I fall in love with Windows 3

Scrivener 3 makes me constantly happy to work in it. Is it possible to stop enjoing it every minute?

It looks like I can make my own version of software and it is cool! There are so many complains in the threads of forum but it really works and it is great.

I’ve bought Scrivener 1 but i don’t see any sense to work in it. To say the truth I don’t care about date of release of Scrivener 3. I have beta and it works.

The only thing that make me sad that not all people around work in it :smiley:

Thanks for great software to all developers and wish you a lot of patience.

Thanks for the words of encouragement. :slight_smile: I’m glad to hear you’re liking the new design! It’s been a lot of work getting it together, but we’re finally getting close.

Studies have shown it is not possible. :slight_smile:

I knew it! 8)

I’m having trouble locating where it’s confirmed (or not), but just curious… Will development of Mac and Windows versions be on a more similar release schedule after v.3 for Windows releases?

That’s doubtful, and I’m not sure what benefit there would be in doing so. For a good while after the Windows version is released, there will be a flurry of bug fixes and such, as beta testing only catches a percentage of issues. It would make no sense to sit and wait on those fixes for whenever there is a Mac update (or artificially pump out Mac updates with one or two fixes just because). Plus you have periodic OS changes that necessitate modification to the software that wouldn’t likely be of any impact to the other platform.