The new inspector.

The new Inspector is top quality! I had been feeling a bit out of sorts with it in beta 4. The Cmd-6/7/8 never seated itself in my head very well. Having the icons down in the bottom – even if you never click on them – serves as a mnemonic aid and now using the keystrokes feels natural again. But the biggest plus is that it feels much more consistent with elements staying put instead of swapping positions between modes. I was even going to say something about it the other day, but got distracted with something else, and now here it is!

Lovely work.

Lovely work, I fully agree!

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yes. The inspector may be considered as a problem which has found its solution.

I was very reluctant to move over to Scrivener from Scrivener Gold for two reasons. One was the loss of text/outline split screen; but the other, far more irritating, factor (for me) was that the inspector did not match the synopsis/notes column in SG. I’m not interested in keywords or general info., I just like my synopsis and notes together! Beta 4 was a vast improvement, but this is fine!

Thank you Keith!
Very happy :smiley:

Regards, Leigh

Yes, given the stability issues with having all panels simultaneously visible, this is an excellent, elegant solution. Good work Keith.