The new writing app

I was very interested to read the blog about the new minimalist writing app that is due to be released later this year.
Basically, I like the idea of keeping an app to the core functions to simplify the workflow and not offer too much distraction to the writer. I’m very excited about the new text system mentioned in the blog, as I still use Scrivener the way I did in the beginning: no styles and formatting in the manuscript, except for bold and italics.
But I do have one question. Will the new writing app have a simplified compiler to maintain flexibility in manuscript output?
I am very excited and pleased that synchronisation via the iCloud will be possible.
Last question: Can the new app handle very large amounts of text?

We aren’t prepared to share anything beyond what’s in the original post, sorry.


Okay, fair enough.
Happy New Year to you, the whole team and your families.

is it possible to be added to the beta for macos/ios now or is it too late?

The beta is currently full, but we might add more people as we go along. I think if you attempt to sign up, the form will tell you that.

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